Besides the introduced flats and grounds we are opened for every offer, which concerns using the whole or a part of the area as investor.

Areas pulled into the project:
Grounds of Réz-Hegy Ltd.
Block houses
Grounds in other property
Forest of self-government
In our imaginations concerning the usage of Rézhegy there are also habitant and holiday aims. In the case of the blockhouses we'd like to cover the Hungarian demands with the 60m2 flats. The row houses and grounds are able both for habitant and holiday usage. For habitant aims these will be probably popular under well-off people from the bigger cities, or for those, who are moving back to Hungary from abroad. For holiday aims we are counting firstly with golfers, but having a look at the surrounding's rich program possibilities, we expect interest also from other circles.

On the Diósalja territory, we would prefer firstly the usage in contact with golf. We'd like to use the advantages of the area, the relatively cheap communal possibilities, and the closeness of the Golf place in Mária-valley, exactly the fact, that the Golf place is reachable direct by a way in the forest. The popularity of this area can be raised also by the closeness of the golf place in Tata (30km). But we don't reject any other, big-grounded usage (3-5000 m2).

The usage value is raised by the 6,4 ha forest, owned by the self-government, in which the owner allows to build utilities, that are not harmful for the nature (f.e. Sport Park). Horse farming is allowed in a little mass.

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