Alcsútdoboz originated from Alcsút, that's history goes back to the mediaeval, and from (Vértes) doboz.

It's in the valley of the Vál-water, eastward from the mountain Vértes, 12 km southward from Bicske, 40 km from Budapest, 35 from Székesfehérvár, 25 km from Tatabánya.


Before the WW II it was known as the centre of the Habsburg domains in Hungary.

The township is rich in attractions:
  • The late-baroque Calvinist Churches of Alcsút and Doboz
  • Rests of the classicistic Habsburg palace designed by Pollach Mihály
  • Classicistic lairage and domanial building - today school
  • The park of the castle is bigger than 40 ha, and gives place for a row of botanical curiosity, and offers a pleasant spending of time for those long for nature.
  • Göböljáráspuszta makes itself interesting with its castle from the Bronze Age.