The self-government planed the public instruments in Rézhegy-alja so, that Diósalja can be connected to it afterwards. So the "spare" area can be used easily and for sure.

Road network:
The area is reachable by using the 6,5 wide road with trite-shift. The road has to be longered approximately 150 meters. The road has bench, the rainfall is lead away through a closed canal-system.

Water network:
The network of Rézhegy-alja can be lead further, because it's been built in a circle-structure, with the right calibration. The obligate firewater network can be supplied also from here. Water network has to be longered with approx. 110 meters.

Leading away water on the surface:
We have built a two-art system in Réz-Hegy for leading away water. At the closed garden area an opened ditch assures water's being lead away into the runnel Bodzás at the side of the territory. Other parts of the area are solved by a closed system under surface, which in capacity assures the water leading of the northern part of the spare area. The water-leading network has to be longered 150 meters.

Cess-water network:
The cess-water network of Rézhegy-alja is able to receive a part of the cess-water. But the cess-water cleaning base is a property of 5 self-governments, which has to be developed because of the real-estate developments, partly because of the developments in Alcsút. Organising of the development of the cleaning base has been started, the investment is expected for 2003. In this development, the part serving Diósalja would have been planed for a 120m3 capacity for a day. The self-government takes obligation for the capacity in order to sell the area. The cess-water network has to be longered 150 meters.

Electrical supply:
In the opinion of the professionals of ÉDÁSZ and the designer of the Rézhegy habitation, the electrical support of Diós alja can be solved from the transformer in the middle of the area - in order to avoid voltage fall. This could be solved by the 20kV cable in the southern part of the area. ÉDÁSZ applies for developments like this a so called "energy supply jury", which defines the mass of support, development. This is like taking obligation.

Gas support:
In this area, the gas is served by ­Dél-dunántúli Gázszolgáltató Rt. In this case the process is the same as in the electricity's case, a jury has to make a decision. The talk with the designers and with the servers has the following result: Rézhegy can be supported by the cable, if it will be brought till the end of the territory. This means 200 meters of laying gas cable. If demand shows up, in the western side, the cable of Dózsa György Street can be longered.

Base elements of the telephone network are going to be built out concerning habitation Rézhegy, which include also possibility for Diós-alja's connecting. The operator is currently the Hungarian Telecom, which makes developments in the town even now, but in Diós-alja's case further talks about demands are needed. Building out the so called info township means the possibility of a free internal phone network, entrance system, place watch - security - fire system - building watch - emergency system and for a cable TV network besides the telephone and internet usage.