A Réz-Hegy Township Developer Ltd. was founded on the 27 th of June 2001
by the decision of its major owner, Alcsútdoboz Township's Self-Government.
Other founder of the company is Quintas 99 Business-Management and Advising Ltd.

The decision of our major owner was motivated by the following idea: he wanted to solve the real estate development of the township by his own company, so the owner is able to serve the township with experience, profession and result.
Main activity of our company: real-estate investment- trade, besides these our field of activity covers all the tasks and exercises that can be named as township-development.
Firstly se want to solve projects in our major owner's territory, but we don't deny sharing our experiences with other self-governments.
Our first meaningful job was to develop public services at Rézhegy-alja, and to use the 40000 m2 field so, that the township is support the optimising of the inhabitants number by assuring preferential house and flat opportunities.
In our plans, in 2004 we'd like to start building a communal house, also for it's being the township-house, in which our company would be placed also.